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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Ohio Valley Branch of the International Dyslexia Association website. We have been in existence since 1978 to advocate for those individuals who are touched by dyslexia, whether child, teen, adult, or family member. We provide Scholarships for teacher training as well as work to educate and inform those in our community who touch the lives of dyslexics. We do this through our two annual conferences, outreach activities, helplines, and by partnering with other organizations.  We encourage you to join us in this mission. Until Everyone Can Read…

Amy Heimkreiter
International Dyslexia Association
Ohio Valley Branch

Next OVB/IDA Meeting is March 9th from 1-4 pm. It will be in person and held at

Springer School 

2121 Maddison Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45201

Contact Carmen Mendoza at for information about how to get to the meeting. 

OVBIDA Spring Conference April 20th & April 27th

Words Matter- Orchestrating the Orthographic Learning

Presented by Ann Whiting & Lyn Anderson

Step into our classrooms to see how we orchestrate the layers of orthographic learning through the investigation of a key word and its relatives.

When we study one word, we study many. When we study one word, we study the relationships between words and the past. When we study one word deeply, we reveal how the English writing system works through the unity of morphology, etymology & phonology.

Words are the essence of thought and communication. Investigating words paves the way for all students to become confident readers and writers expanding the boundaries of their world.

‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.’ (Ludvig Wittgenstein)

Paired/small group viewing:

We invite you to view the conference presentation with a colleague to think, consider and discuss in company.                                                                                    

Words matter; teaching how to think about words matters.

Lyn & Ann’s workshops demonstrate how to implement teaching and learning practices that develop deep orthographic understanding for all students, whether in class groups, specialized groups and with students with diverse learning needs. Lyn & Ann co-author the Field Guide To Words series which shows how to orchestrate orthographic learning in the classroom. They aim to inspire and ignite a joy of words.


Registration link here


$50 IDA Members

$75 Non-Members



Click here to Join IDA- Make sure to join our local branch Ohio Valley Branch 

Starter Membership Levels

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Designed for college and university students
A valid transcript is required for this membership level

Classroom Teacher Memberships: Free for one year
A one year membership for pre-service and classroom teachers new to IDA
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**Discounts for future IDA conferences all around the country! 

Board Member Elections:

If interested in a position or information please contact or join our next meeting on March 9th.




Ohio Dyslexia Handbook

Third Grade Guarantee

Dyslexia Training for Teachers

Ohio’s Dyslexia Law Information

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