Tutor Referral List

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Tutor Referral List

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) each provide directories of professionals who provide services to individuals with learning differences.

IDA, its branches, and Global Partners have not made any inquiries into the credentials, qualifications, experience or references of any professional listed in these directories. These listings do not imply a recommendation, endorsement or referral by IDA, its branches, or Global Partners; likewise, omission of any particular professional from the listings does not indicate the disapproval of IDA, its branches, or Global Partners with respect to such professional. IDA, its branches, and Global Partners assume no liability for the services furnished by any professional listed in these directories.

Any decision to use a professional listed in these directories is your own independent decision to make. Before engaging any professional listed in a directory, caregivers are encouraged to check with the professional to confirm the availability of services and review the professional’s credentials, qualifications, experience and references. Caregivers can individually ask tutors for documentation of their child abuse clearance and criminal background check. For more information about checking credentials and interviewing professionals before engaging them, please see IDA’s fact sheet Evaluating Professionals.


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