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OVBIDA Spring Conference 2024 (4/20 & 4/27)

April 20 @ 8:30 am - 11:00 am

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Words Matter- Orchestrating the Orthographic Learning

Presented by Ann Whiting & Lyn Anderson

Step into our classrooms to see how we orchestrate the layers of orthographic learning through the investigation of a key word and its relatives.

When we study one word, we study many. When we study one word, we study the relationships between words and the past. When we study one word deeply, we reveal how the English writing system works through the unity of morphology, etymology & phonology.

Words are the essence of thought and communication. Investigating words paves the way for all students to become confident readers and writers expanding the boundaries of their world.

‘The limits of my language are the limits of my world.’ (Ludvig Wittgenstein)

Paired/small group viewing:

We invite you to view the conference presentation with a colleague to think, consider and discuss in company.                                                                                    

Words matter; teaching how to think about words matters.


Lyn Anderson of Beyond the Word and Caught in the Spell of Words, hailing from Tasmania, is an experienced Australian & international teacher and consultant of 40 years. Lyn has specialized in teaching orthography with young children over many years to transform students’ language and literacy development. Lyn has presented at many key conferences and conducted professional learning workshops including: Catholic Education, Melbourne; Dyslexic Training Institute, USA; European and SE Asian international school conferences; and a variety of Australian public and private education institutions.

Ann Whiting has worked as a primary and secondary English teacher for over 40 years in Australia and internationally. Ann’s extensive understanding of the orthographic system has impacted her classroom teaching and consultancy work. Ann assists teachers with their research to develop practices that unfold orthographic understanding for their students.


Lyn & Ann’s workshops demonstrate how to implement teaching and learning practices that develop deep orthographic understanding for all students, whether in class groups, specialized groups and with students with diverse learning needs. Lyn & Ann co-author the Field Guide To Words series which shows how to orchestrate orthographic learning in the classroom. They aim to inspire and ignite a joy of words.


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April 20
8:30 am - 11:00 am